Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter-Charger SinusPro-500ES 500VA

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Inverter SinusPro-500ES is a device for unintterupted power supply for computers, servers and computer sets. In case of loss 230VAC mains voltage, the device switches to battery mode (battery mode), allowing you to continue uninterrupted operation of the system and preventing irretrievable data loss.

This device includes function of AC/DC pure sine wave inverter, inverter charger, UPS and AVR.

It is used mainly as a backup source of power, as UPS for powering fans, pumps, central heating, computers, internet devices, home appliance etc. It is free standing. 

- Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger 12V 

- Rated capacity 500VA 

- Rated power 300W

- Inteligent Charger 5A or 10A

- Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR  140-275 VAC 


- LCD Display 

- AC Priority and Solar Priority - you can connect solar panels

  • Reliable and efficient toroid transformer C.R.G.O.
  • Two high-performance microprocessors to control the inverter and regulator.
  • Advanced charging technology .
  • AVR-automatic adjustment of the output voltage - always stable voltage output.
  • Full range of automatic protection and warnings against overload, short circuit, overcharge, overheating and battery low voltage.
  • Readable display and control panel.
  • with inverter, UPS, AVR and charger function;
  • toroidal transformer design, high efficiency Iow static loss, much more energy-saving than old square transformer type design;
  • 32-bit high speed CPU controlled, swift reponse speed, more accurate detection;
  • LED colorful humanistic and friendly operation interface, displays clearly device's working status, input&output voltage, loading status, battery status, etc;
  • pure sine wave output, suitable for almost all of appliance;
  • high charging current
  • short switchover time, guarantees the connected appliances uninterruptable usage;
  • vantilation fan intelligent controlled, fan working based on the setting temperature and working status.


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Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter-Charger SinusPro-500ES 500VA

Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter-Charger SinusPro-500ES 500VA

New version! Power priorites!

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